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Welcome to your Weekend: A rare Monday of freedom

Today I took up my megaphone, stood boldly upon my platform, and shouted to my eager audience that 2014 is the summer of local artists. Okay. Technically, my audience was a springer spaniel, my platform was a kitchen chair, and my megaphone was an old Chinese menu rolled into a tube. I like to think the power of my announcement holds true, despite its delivery. This summer there will be a myriad of options to both support and participate in the Georgia community of artists. Festivals and performances pepper weekend calendars so you can enjoy visual artists, musicians, and theatre productions. For those that crave the elusive feeling of creating a small piece of the world that was missing before you made it, find a class or workshop that appeals to your weird and wonderful sensibilities and dive in. 

Kid-centric workshops help teach that creativity can be exercised through a variety of media. Imaginations are not limited to paper and canvas. Sugarloaf Mill’s Super Duper Lil Chefs event encourages little ones to double knot their apron strings and grab a piping bag. This free event focuses on helping kids think up and apply their own unconventional designs. 

Memorial day provides many of us with a rare Monday of freedom. Spend some time with commemorative crafts you can do at home. Try a paper poppy centerpiece, or study up on collage techniques to make a one-of-a-kind memorial display. Poppy: Collage:

Even if the creative process doesn’t appeal to you left-brainers, then you can still appreciate the value of a thriving arts community in society and contribute to its success. Enthusiastic collectors and local artists looking to gain exposure come together at the Peachtree Hills Art Festival. Connecting artists and buyers fosters lasting personal relationships that fortify the community. This invaluable face time helps alleviate the barriers between the two groups and creates an intimate buying and selling experience.  Fundraising events, such as the Jimmy Buffet Tribute Show in the Conyers pavilion provides a great opportunity to contribute to local art programs from the comfort of a lawn chair. 

Getting in touch with your neighborhood studio or gallery is a solid first step to getting plugged in with artists in your area. Knowledgeable staff can direct you toward workshops tailored to your needs and upcoming fundraising events. 

With that I raise my goblet to local artists and the patrons who support them.Okay. Technically, it’s more of a plastic cup decorated with pink ladybugs than a goblet, but you understand the sentiment.