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Water tirade
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Dear Editor: Senator Douglas' tirade ("Water ruling defies logic, common sense") concerning the Lake Lanier decision that was rendered recently does nothing to advance the issue of water use that faces the metro area. Usually, conservatives rail against judges who base there decisions on their policy interests. They complain about judges who legislate from the bench. Here, Judge Magnuson made the decision based strictly on the law which provided for the Buford Dam.

That statute apparently did not provide for drinking water as one of its purposes and the judge said so. But Douglas would have the judge ignore the plain language of the statute. Yet it is the politicians from Alabama, Florida and Georgia who, for over ten years, have failed to make the compromises and decisions to avoid a court challenge. Most silly is Douglas' idea that "we'll show Florida" by not going on vacation there or by moving the venue for the Georgia-Florida football game. Are you serious? When a politician wants to pick up his toys and go home as a response to the tough issues of the day, it's time to get another politician.