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Watching Out for Neighbors
Neighborhood-Watch-Almand-Estates-IMG 4501
The neighbors of Almand Estates, Sheriff Eric Levett, Chamber Chairman and The News Publisher Pat Cavanaugh, and Sgt. Amanda Pilgrim and Deputy Andrew Arnold mark the establishiments of a Neighborhood Watch and sign placement. - photo by Michelle Kim

Almand Estates is the latest neighborhood to set up a new Neighborhood Watch, putting would-be crooks on notice that this is not a neighborhood to mess with.

At the sign installation, Sheriff Eric Levett said residents' feedback to deputies is essential to crimefighting. "Since taking office,  I have tried to send that message, that we are not going to tolerate any crime."

Resident Jesse Brown, who purchased one of the first houses in the subdivision, described the patrols neighbors do, checking up on one another.

Sgt. Amanda Pilgrim said, "We need them as much as they need us. They know their neighborhood better than we do. They know who lives here and whe's supposed to be here." For information on starting a Neighborhood Watch, contact the RCSO at 770-278-8038 or