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Walmart robbed of batteries
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While reviewing surveillance video a loss prevention employee at the Walmart on Dogwood Drive, discovered a theft at the store's used battery cage.

She called Conyers Police about the July 20 incident, which occurred shortly after midnight the day before, and an officer reviewed the video upon arrival.

According to reports at around 12:48 a.m. a "red, possibly Chevrolet pick-up truck" dropped a female off at the entrance and drove around to the Tire and Lube area, pulling up to the battery cage.

The occupants of the truck then loaded 145 used batteries into the bed of the pick-up truck, in 18 minutes, according to reports.

The truck then drove back around to the entrance and picked up the female it had previously dropped off. Conyers police took a copy of the survelliance tape, showing the suspected robbery and the female's movements throughout the store.

According to reports, the officer was advised that the used batteries can be sold for $10 a piece at the scrap yard.