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Wall of Hope celebrates breast cancer survivors

The Kimberley Chance Atkins Foundation and Rockdale Medical Center celebrated the life and spirit of 12 more local breast cancer survivors with the unveiling of this year's 12 portraits on the Wall of Hope in RMC's Women's Diagnostic Center.

This year's featured survivors are:

Patty Anthos, 5 year survivor
Diane Reagan, 1 year survivor
Charlie Dowd, 1 year survivor
Pat Singleton, 11 year survivor
Shirley Hartness, 10 year surivivor
Susan Brinson, 7 month survivor
Dee Rickets, less than 1 year survivor
Laurie Reed, 1 year survivor
Alice Scott, 1.5 year survivor
Laurie Snipes, 6 year survivor
Maryanne Nash, 10  year survivor
Kris Ferretti, 10 year survivor