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Waffle House robber arrested in Texas
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The suspect believed to have robbed the Waffle House on Sigman Road at gunpoint in February was arrested in the lone star state allegedly for committing another armed robbery. 

Rodney Cannon, 28, was arrested early Monday morning in Sherman, Texas for allegedly robbing a hotel. He’s awaiting extradition back to Georgia, where he’ll face multiple charges for armed robberies around the metro Atlanta area, including the one robbery in Rockdale.

On Feb 2, Cannon entered the Waffle House at 2260 Sigman Road, on the exit off Interstate 20, around 6 a.m. as a customer. He was the only other person in the restaurant besides four employees. He ordered about $30 worth of food to go, waiting about 15-20 minutes as the food was cooked.

Once it was ready, he paid for the food, went to a “distinctive-looking yellow hatchback with a solid black hood,” which was later discovered to have been stolen, parked outside and handed the food to a passenger in the car.

He then came back into the restaurant appearing like he was going to order more food and instead took out a small handgun and robbed the restaurant at gunpoint.

The suspect then got into the stolen car and drove off, heading westbound on I-20.

RCSO identified Cannon as a potential suspect by viewing security cameras from the store. They obtained warrants for his arrest two days later. 

The department began working with DeKalb County law enforcement and discovered Cannon was wanted for a similar robbery that occurred in DeKalb earlier in the week. In total, Cannon has 10 arrest warrants for him in the metro-Atlanta area, which also includes Gwinnett County.

“He's been on the run since,” Camp told The News Thursday. “He probably has 15 robbery warrants in three states now.”

Cannon also has a warrant for his arrest from Virginia.