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UPDATE: Third GameStop suspect caught

(11/12/10) The third suspect was caught Friday morning after he emerged from a manhole on I-20 during rush hour after spending the night in the sewer system.

Markus Isiah Seymore, 17, also of Atlanta and from the same street as Tron Hill, was arrested and charged with the same charges as the other two suspects, including murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, and aggravated assault.

Witnesses began calling dispatchers shortly after 8 a.m., describing a black male with dredlocks that had come out of a manhole in the median of I-20, "like a gopher," just across from the strip mall where GameStop is located.

"There's a black male in the service lane... just wandering with no shirt on," said one caller.

Police later retrieved a dirty shirt that had been placed just under the 138 overpass of I-20 on the westbound side.

Police Chief Gene Wilson said the continuous calls from witnesses allowed the police to track him almost step by step. Seymore reportedly ran along Iris Drive and behind the Royal Car Wash. Officers cornered him on Old Salem Road and Ga. Highway 138.

"It finally got to the point there was more of us than him," said Wilson. "I don’t think he had that restful of a night... being nibbled on by rats and spiders. He just gave up."

Seymore reportedly told officers he had been bitten by rats, spiders and other creatures and had gotten disoriented when it became dark and had to wait until it was light. An ambulance was called to the station for a medical examination before Seymore was taken to the Rockdale County jail.

During the investigation, officers were trying to determine whether there had been a third suspect. However, one witness reportedly was adamant that they saw a suspect with the green Chevy Blazer that the other two suspects had abandoned on I-20 at the time that the robbery was occuring. Wilson had also seen movement in the sewers as officers were chasing down the first two suspects.

Wilson said there was no indication the robbery was gang related but that there indications some of the suspects had experience in committing similar crimes and intended to sell the stolen goods.

Gwinnett and DeKalb County officers are reportedly looking into whether these suspects are connected to similar robberies of other GameStops in their counties.

Wilson praised the coordinated efforts of the Conyers police officers and detectives and assistance of the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office.

He also commended the community for stepping up with information about what they saw. "What I’m also proud of is the reaction of the community on the expressway. Without their help volunteering and calling, this person would have gotten away," said Wilson.

The first scheduled court appearance of the GameStop shooting suspects is on Monday, Nov. 15 in Rockdale County Magistrate Court.


(11/12/10, 9:20 a.m.) UPDATE: Conyers Police Chief Gene Wilson has called a press conference for 9:30 a.m. Friday morning. Coverage will follow. Also, investigators have collected evidence from 138 overpass which intersects with Interstate 20.


(11/11/10, 9:58 p.m.) UPDATE: The suspect that gave his name as Demarkus Williams reportedly gave a false name and is actually Tron Hill.


(11/11/10, 6:40 p.m.) UPDATE: The shooting victim in today's attempted armed robbery of the Conyers GameStop, 40-year-old Adrian Tyrone Snow of Stone Mountain, died today around 5:30 p.m.

Snow had been shot twice, once in the shoulder and once in the arm, after he unwittingly walked in on the armed robbery in progress. The suspects had already tied up the attendant in the back, and when they tried to tie up Snow, he refused and was shot.

Snow was lifeflighted to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he underwent surgery. He went back into surgery a second time and died.

"There's a chance his walking in saved the attendant's life," said Conyers Police Chief Gene Wilson.

Snow's family was reportedly present at the hospital.

The suspects that were apprehended were Giovannte Maddox, 27, of Atlanta, and Demarkus Lamar Williams, 25, of Atlanta.

 The two came into the GameStop location, located across from the Conyers Wal-Mart, shortly before noon today and brandished handguns at the store employee. They locked the doors and the employee was taken to the back and tied up. The suspects stole his personal items before starting to take items from the store. At this point Snow knocked on the door and the suspects let him in and took him to the back and shot him after he resisted being tied up.

The suspects then fled out the back door of the store.

Officers found Snow in the back of the store when they arrived. Other officers pursued the suspects on foot and were able to catch both.

An employee of a neighboring business said she saw a patrol officer was in the parking lot at the time the suspects fled.

Police are still investigating the possibility of a third suspect. They were initially searching for a suspect in the drainage system of the Conyers Plaza shopping center.

The vehicle the suspects drove and parked on Interstate 20 before the robbery, a 1997 green Chevy Blazer, was reported stolen from Atlanta.

Both Maddox and Williams are now charged with murder. They are also charged with two counts of armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, obstruction, and posession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Anyone with information regarding this incident can contact the CPD at 770-483-6600.

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(11/11/10, 1:40 p.m.) One man is in the hospital after a shooting at the Gamestop in the Conyers Plaza shopping center around 11:30 a.m. Thursday. Conyers Police have two suspects in custody, are searching for a third who may be at large in the drainage system of the shopping center. 

K-9 units from the CPD and Rockdale County Sheriff's Office are looking for the third suspect, a black male. More suspects may possibly be involved.

Weapons suspected of being used in the robbery are also in custody.

According to CPD Police Chief Gene Wilson, around 11:30 a.m., at least three males entered the Gamestop, locked the door and tied up the attendant. A customer knocked on door and was let in by the suspects. According to Wilson, the  customer resisted the suspects and was shot twice, once in the sholder and once in the arm. 

The victim was airlifted to Grady Hospital and his condition is currently unknown.

While the robbery of games and X-Boxes was taking place, witnesses called 911 from the parking lot. As soon as shots were fired the suspects fled, leaving behind the piles of items.

"We started chasing them out there in that big chase basin," said Wilson, pointing to the area next to Don Tellos restaurant. "They peeled off their clothing and dropped the guns."

Police apprehended two of suspects and believe one of the suspects is at large in the sewer drainage system of Conyers Plaza Shopping Center.

K-9 units from Conyers Police and Rockdale County Sheriff's Office are searching for the suspects.

Wilson commended the assistance from the RCSO, which has been helping with the investigation and taking the calls for Conyers while CPD personnel concentrated on this case. "The Sheriff’s Office has been great," he said.

Police also believe the suspects may have parked their car along Interstate 20 and jumped fence to get to the GameStop.

"This is the kind of stuff I just hate," said Wilson, shaking his head. "But we'll get 'em." 

The identity of the suspects and victim has not been released.

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Bryan Fazio contributed to reporting this article.


(11/11/10, 12:48 p.m.) An incident at the Conyers GameStop occured around noon. A victim was lifeflighted from the area. Check back for updates on this developing story.