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Unreasonably Normal for January
East Atlanta Entertainment
Unreasonably Normal for Porterdale in January

Let's all let out a cheer: January 2014 is, at last, about to be behind us! Talk about the dead of winter: Record cold, record power bills and this snowy, slippery week have left in their wake two distinct schools of thought about venturing out this coming weekend. There are those who have a bad case of cabin fever and can't wait for the roads to clear and for things to return to normal -- or as reasonable a facsimile of normal as one can expect in metro Atlanta traffic.

 And then there are those who got a taste of this week's traffic snarls and plan to hunker down with a six-pack and some chicken wings and watch gazillion hours of Super Bowl pre-game shows all weekend before THE GAME on Sunday night. You couldn't even get them out of the house for something called, heaven help us, the Twerk Bowl in Atlanta. After this week, the Falcons' "Matty Ice" may have to get a new nickname.

But, let's face it: We really have no choice but to trudge straight ahead into February.

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