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Unity Prayer on April 16
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All Rockdale County residents are invited to an interdenominational Unity Prayer Service on Tuesday, April 16, 7 p.m., at Conyers First Presbyterian Church, 911 N. Main Street.

Organizers County Chairman Richard Oden and City Councilman John Fountain said they wanted to help bridge the divide in the community that was especially sharp during and after the election.

Oden said during the election last year, "What I noticed then was the Democratic ticket was all African American and the Republican side was all white... I knew after the election there was going to be a major separation in thoughts and attitudes. We need to do another unity prayer to bring the community together.

"I think it's important to show the region and state we're of one accord."

Fountain said, "There exists a degree of division in our community, and, while the division may be along partisan political lines, those lines are easily confused with racial division. The purpose of this event is to recognize that there are deep beliefs we hold in common that bridge that division and are far greater than the ideas that divide us. We hope that this service will spread a spirit of unity that makes it easier for all of us to go forward and work to fulfill the potential that obviously exists for our community.

"This may be a one-time event, but it might ignite services or conversations leading to greater understanding among all our neighbors," said Fountain.

Speakers include Fountain, Oden, Father John Kieran of St. Pius X Catholic Church, Pastor Billie Cox of Macedonia Baptist, Pastor George Levett of Crawfordville Baptist, Pastor Tony Elder of Wesley Community Fellowship, Pastor Eric Lee of Springfield Baptist, Pastor Tom Sparks of Conyers Presbyterian.