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To the extreme

From the tiniest creatures you can imagine to some so large you have trouble wrapping your mind around their existence – they are all on display at Fernbank right now, in the Extreme Mammals exhibit. I remember going to the science museums when I was a kid and thinking how lame everything except the dinosaurs were; well this isn’t something you have to worry about with Fernbank. The museum seems to have a go big or go home mentality, which I very much appreciate. You aren’t going to have to skulk around a bunch of bones, pretending to be interested while wishing you were anywhere else in the world that also had air conditioning. Thanks to media, animation, touchable fossils and taxidermy critters, it becomes more like a good time and less like a chore. I’m looking forward to checking out the bumblebee bat, since it’s something that I will likely find hiding in my hair one day if it lives around Covington.

Price: $15.50-$17.50