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The value of United Ways work
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"Thank you for calling United Way’s 2-1-1, how can I help you?" Just a few short words that can go a very long way in your time of need. Whenever a crisis arises, wouldn’t it be nice to know there is someone there that can help you find your way? That’s the goal of United Way’s 2-1-1. This short and easy to remember phone number is your connection to the resources in your community. The service is free, confidential and always available to be your first call for help. "At the end of the 9 to 5 business day, when banks, schools, and institutions are closed, 2-1-1 is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week, and we’re here to listen," said 2-1-1 Outreach Marketing Manager Monica Hammond.

But did you know that it’s not only for crisis situations? Callers can call 2-1-1 not only to get help but to also give help. "2-1-1 can be used to help individuals with a gamut of needs," said Hammond. 2-1-1 has Metro Atlanta’s most complete human services database with more than 6,500 metro area organizations and programs. Call center agents are trained and equipped to give information on how to donate and volunteer in and around the metro area.

2-1-1 is just part of what United Way of Metro Atlanta has to offer. UWMA has been a beacon of light for many people from Rockdale to Douglas counties and all parts in between for over 100 years. They do it through their network of agencies that provide resources from financial assistance to stable housing for the homeless. In today’s difficult financial times, people are leaning more on the support of Non-Profits like United Way to help.

United Way of Metro Atlanta leads the charge and continues to distribute millions of dollars to hundreds of social service agencies around the region. Evidence of that is showing up all over the metro area including Rockdale County, according to Claire Cline, Area Director United Way of Rockdale County. "This fall, a seven-year-long vision will become a reality with the opening of Phoenix Pass," said Cline. Phoenix Pass will be the first transitional housing program in Conyers-Rockdale County serving women and children experiencing homelessness. "Rockdale County, lead by the faith community, transformed resources from sweat equity to dollars to make this dream of helping mothers and their children," Cline said. The organization will begin accepting applications for the first families this fall.

With other programs like Smart Start, a statewide program to improve the quality of care and education for all children ages birth through 5, and the Babies Born Healthy initiative that works on strategies to reduce the number of low birth weight babies born in metro Atlanta, the United Way of Metro Atlanta continues to build a strong foundation for the future of metro Atlanta.

For more information on the United Way of Metro Atlanta and 2-1-1, please visit or call (404) 614-1000.