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Teen shoots, throws puppies
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CONYERS - A 16-year-old was taken into custody by police for shooting and throwing his family's household puppies.

According to the Conyers police report, the teenager shot into a large black crate that contained three of the four puppies at the residence, striking one of the animals in the paw. He then walked towards the crate and shot at the puppies again hitting another one in the head.

The boy also picked up one of the puppies threw it into a door located on the back porch. Then he put the puppy in the closet outside, which contained the water heater, according to the report.

Conyers Police spokesperson Kim Lucas says that an argument started between the teen and his mother about how to feed the pups earlier in the day.

After the initial argument, the two were in separate rooms, with the boy being upstairs in his room and the mother downstairs in the living room, according the report.

The mother then began to hear yelling coming from his room and yelled for him to come downstairs.

"(The teen) exited the room with an adult female dog," wrote CPD Officers Christopher Burns. "At this time, he threw (the dog) down the stairs and came downstairs with a loaded .380 Hi-Point semiautomatic handgun."

The teen's two younger siblings, 12 and 6, were also in the living room at the time and witnessed the shootings.

The mother ran outside with the two younger children and called the police. When police arrived at the residence, they saw the teenager walked out the front door holding tow large plastic vodka bottles and placed them in the trash.

Once he saw the police, he ran back into the residence. The police chased him inside and arrested him despite him struggling to get away.

Police searched the boy's rooms and made several discoveries.

They found two guns lying on his bed, the semi-automatic he used to shoot the puppies which was reported stolen out of Newton County, and a .38 Taurus revolver, which wasn't listed as stolen but police aren't sure how the boy acquired it.

The police also found a marijuana plant in the boys room, along with a gray purse that was taken from a friend of the famiy, according to the report.

The boy is being held at the Rockdale Youth Detention Center. He's being charged with making terroristic threats and acts, possession of a firearm by a person under age, aggravated cruelty towards animals, disorderly conduct, two counts of cruelty to children, criminal trespass, discharge of a firearm near a public highway, willful obstruction of law enforcement officer, reckless conduct, manufacturing or distributing controlled substances and theft by receiving stolen property.