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T-SPLOST genie is out
Letter to the Editor
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Dear Editor: The genie is out of the bottle, “T-SPLOST” is challenged again and Rockdale County becomes unhinged. The emotional energy generated through the propaganda and rhetoric surrounding our new T-SPLOST referendum is enough to fuel a coast-to-coast train blocking the West Avenue crossing. The genie continues to wreak havoc on the mental equilibrium of citizens, but they will not be deterred from deciphering the facts.

   It seems that the “annex” game between the governments of the city of Conyers and Rockdale County continues to reflect “one-upmanship” and generally ignores the equitable use of acquired assets, including taxpayers’ money.

   Today, transportation is the paramount issue that impacts our funds without regard for sorely needed improvements in Conyers and Rockdale County. The state continues to mandate legislation without funds and we continue to struggle with long-term and short-term transportation issues. It appears that the only solution is to complement the Transportation Investment Act.

   The anti-T-SPLOST effort is more of the same. It fails to focus on the benefits of the TIA for Conyers and Rockdale County. Act as an independent minded voter. Gather the facts and data for yourself. Consider the impact on jobs, road and street repairs, bus transportation lines, highway congestion, and other transportation issues throughout our county. Cast your vote to equitably improve the quality of life for all citizens of Conyers and Rockdale.

Lewis Belcher

Rockdale County