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Student arrested after Heritage evacuation
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Students get back to class after the evacuation.

UPDATE: (Feb. 3, 10:10 p.m.) According to RCSO reports, investigators reviewed surveillance tapes and saw a female step halfway out the door of a classroom on C hall.

 According to the report, "the female then dispersed a chemical into the hallway and stepped back into the room." The student in the video was identified by faculty.

Later when questioned, the student admitted she had sprayed the pepper spray and was "very sorry for what she had done." She told investigators she had thrown away the can in a trashcan near the theater, where administrators later found it.

According to the report, she had found the can "in a locker on her way to class and asked a friend what it
was. The friend told her it was pepper spray. (She) stated that another student in the class asked her if he could see and she gave it to him. (She) stated the other students told her to go into the hallway and spray."


(Feb. 2, 8:20 p.m.) A 17 year old female was arrested an charged with Disruption of Public School and Reckless Conduct after investigators reviewed school security camera tapes.


(Feb. 2, 1:24 p.m.) Heritage High School was evacuated around 11:15 a.m. today, due to a pepper spray-like odor in the hallway. Students were brought back in to the opposite end of the building 30 minutes later and classes resumed in all parts of the building by around 12:40 p.m.

No students were reportedly in the hallway when spray such as pepper spray or mace was emitted, according to Rockdale County Public Schools spokesperson Cindy Ball.

One student, who possibly had asthma, was taken to the hospital and another student reportedly came to the hospital as a walk-in case.

Even though the spray was in one hallway, two hallways were affected because of the ventilation system, said Ball. Once maintenance crews reversed the ventilation, the odor cleared quickly, she said.

"Anytime there’s an odor or irritant or something detected out of the normal, we’ll do an evacuation as a security precaution and call in law enforcement, fire department, as a precaution," said Ball. "We’ll always have that a priority, to move students away from potential danger."

Fire personnel, deputies, and RCPS building maintenance and grounds crews responded. Two engines, a battalion unit, a squad unit, a haz mat unit, and an ambulance were on the scene, according to Rockdale County Fire and Rescue Deputy Chief Mike Lee.


(Feb.2 , 1:03 p.m.) Students have been given the all-clear to go back inside the school. Classes have resumed.


(Feb. 2, 12:33 p.m.) Students at Heritage High School were evactuated due to a strange odor being observed. According to Rockdale County Fire and Rescue Deputy Chief Mike Lee, there was a smell described as possible pepper spray or mace. There was one report of a possible injury to a student, who refused medical treatment. The building is currently undergoing ventilation.