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Stage collapses at Salem High, Memorial Middle concert

A stage collapsed during a Salem High and Memorial Middle pre-concert performance Monday evening around 7 p.m.

About 15-20 students were reportedly on a 12-foot by 12-foot extension of the stage when it collapsed. No one was reportedly under the stage when it collapsed. The extension had been used earlier in the year during the school's spring musical and performances.

At least two students were taken by ambulance to Rockdale Medical Center and one was reportedly transported by a parent. Injuries reportedly ranged from a broken knee to a sprained ankle.

According to Rockdale County Schools spokesperson Cindy Ball, "Our initial investigation indicates that the extension to the Salem stage was built a few years ago and taken down, but all supplies kept for future use. This year, a parent volunteer who is actively involved in the theatre program was asked to help rebuild this extension. Students in the theatre program did work on rebuilding the extension under the supervision of their teacher and the parent volunteer," wrote Ball.

"Our initial assessment is that this temporary extension did not have sufficient bracing."

Ball said the school system's policy is that any change to school facilities be approved by the Chief Operations Officer.

"We will continue to investigate this incident and reinforce our policy with all administrators, teachers, and parent volunteers to ensure that our policy is followed in the future. We appreciate the quick response of our staff, parents, local law enforcement, and emergency medical services to ensure the safety of all involved and we are thankful that the two students evaluated at the hospital were treated and released."