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Sheriff town hall series starts Dec. 5
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Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett is inviting the public to talk with him directly at a series of town hall meetings - Dec. 5 for a virtual town hall and Dec. 12 and 17 for traditional town halls.

The first traditional town hall meeting will be at the Rockdale County Auditorium, 903 Main Street, on Dec. 12, 7 p.m. The second town hall meeting will be at the RCSO Southside precinct at 3552 Hwy 20 South on Dec. 17, at 2 p.m. At the town hall meetings, the citizens will have an opportunity to submit questions to the Sheriff and also provide comments and feedback.

The sheriff also use social media to expand his reach by holding a virtual town hall meeting on the RCSO Facebook page, Dec. 5, 8 pm to 9 pm. The RCSO page is Participants can get immediate answers just as they would by attending an actual town hall meeting. In addition to being able to submit questions, some of the same information on the progress and plans of the RCSO will be presented.

"I am very excited to hold my first town hall meetings with the citizens of Rockdale County" said Sheriff Eric Levett. "My campaign pledge to the citizens was to conduct town hall meetings so the Sheriff's Office would be more transparent and responsive to the community, and I am carrying out that pledge. By hosting a virtual town hall meeting and two town hall meetings, I hope that I can reach out to as many Rockdale County residents and business owners as possible. I hope that everyone will be able to join me and my command staff to learn more about the Sheriff's Office and the amazing progress that the RCSO has made during 2013."