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Sheriff Levett to host virtual town hall meeting
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Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett will take to Facebook for a virtual town hall meeting. 

The purpose of the virtual town hall meeting will be to allow Levett and the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office to receive feedback on how the sheriff’s office is performing, answer questions and to hear concerns.  

With the town hall meeting being on Facebook, it will allow people to give feedback and ask questions to the sheriff from the comfort of their own home or business.  The virtual town hall meeting Levett held in 2013 proved to be very beneficial and was a great success.    

“The first virtual town hall meeting I held gave me some great feedback as it relates to what the Sheriff’s Office can do to become better,” said Levett in a press release. 

Citizens will be able to submit questions to Levett on the RCSO Facebook page and get immediate answers just as they would by attending an actual town hall meeting. In addition to being able to submit questions, some of the same information on the progress and plans of the RCSO will be presented. 

“I am committed to hearing what the citizens have to say and this is just another way of interacting with them,” said Levett. “I participated in a town hall meeting in January, but I understand that not everyone could attend. I want to afford everyone the opportunity to have their comments and concerns heard, so the virtual town hall meeting will be another opportunity for people to voice concerns.”   

The virtual town hall meeting will take place on the RCSO  Facebook page on Feb. 26 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.  Some of the key topics for this virtual town hall meeting will be the body worn cameras, the 20 percent reduction in crime for 2014 and the RCSO community survey.