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Security cameras to go up on Olde Town PATH trail

CONYERS - Two more security cameras will be going up behind 1400 Parker Road on the Olde Town portion of the PATH walking-biking trail in Conyers, continuing the effort to make the trails more secure in Rockdale.

The Conyers City Council unanimously approved a deal where the city will purchase the licenses and maintain the cameras while the county will purchase the cameras themselves.

"It's in the city; we feel like it would be our responsibility to police and for any crime that occurred there," Conyers Chief Operating Officer David Spann told the city council Wednesday night.

This project has been in the works for the last 18 months, said Spann. As the popular walking-biking trails, built in public-private partnership with the PATH foundation, began to grow, the city and county began looking at what areas were the most used and what might need more security.

"We started looking around at the areas that got the most usage. That area certainly got the most usage," with the exercise stations and Wheeler Park nearby, said Spann. It also had a lot of foliage and shrubbery. "We got together with the county and showed them our system we have with the cameras."

The Conyers Police Department has a network started about three years ago of 17 security cameras, with two more, besides the PATH trail cameras, that may be added this year. These cameras, mainly placed in heavy traffic retail areas, provide real-time images and information, said Spann.

The county will have access to the feed coming from the cameras, but the cameras themselves will be operated by the city.

The county will also be setting up cameras along the South River portion of the PATH trail, funded by SPLOST penny sales tax funds.