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Santa Hunt Winner, Dec. 1
Santa-Hunt-winners-12-1-12 the Covington family
(Left to right) Andrew, eight-year-old Drew, Mollie, and three-year-old Emilie Covington - photo by Michelle Kim

The Covington family were the first to locate the missing Rockdale News Santa Claus on Saturday morning, Dec. 1. Although his father Andrew and mother Mollie also searched, 8-year-old Drew Covington was the one who spotted Santa hiding in the bushes along the newly built PATH trail at the Corner Market, on the corner of Parker Road and Flat Shoals. Drew excitedly called up his grandmother to tell her he had found it. For being the first to locate and bring back the Rockdale News Santa Claus, the Covingtons will receive a $100 check. Look for clues for the next Santa Hunt in the Dec. 8 edition of the Rockdale News.