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Salem Senior Superlative
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Best Dancer: Joanna Pinkney and Justin Sidifall
Class Flirt: Dominik Burrell and Courtney Williams.
Most Spirited: Ashley Parker and Caleb Buxton.
Most Unforgettable: Sydney Turpin and Jeremy Holland.
Most Inspirational Teacher: Mrs.Purvis and Mr.Wood.
Most Athletic: Tyler Askew and Kentrell White.
Best Dressed:Stephanie Dana and David Lee.
Most Likely to Succeed: Brittany Whitson and Naveed Khan.
Kid at Heart: McKenna Wilson-Harriot and Miles Goldman.
Best All Around: Bradley Moon and Emily Boggus.
Bromance/Dynamic Duo: Shone Scarebrook and Paris Coleman, Erica Mclean and Katrina Ash.
Most Intellectual: Keshia Pitt and Solomon Sallas.
Most Outgoing: Katelyn Connell and David Cater
Party Must Have: Ashley Pardo-Payne and Kwasi Yankey
Worst Senioritis: The Senior Class of 2010!