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Rockdale Water Resources warns of scam
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Rockdale Water Resources is issuing a public alert because it has received several calls from its customers asking about an independent, private company collecting water samples from their tap to have them analyzed. 

RWR wants the public to be aware that it does not leave sample bottles in or attached to mail boxes. This company is not affiliated with RWR and is potentially a scam.

The scam

1. Company leaves a sample bottle and flier on or inside the mailbox requesting that a water sample be collected for a free analysis in 24 hours. The flier does not appear to have any company name on it or way it can be contacted directly.

2. The representative returns in 24 hours to get the water sample the customer has collected.

3. He/she then administers a chemical in the sample making it appear contaminated.

4. He/she will try to persuade the customer that they need a water filtration unit to protect them from contaminated water.

Warnings to the public

1. Do not participate unless you are planning to purchase a water filtration unit. RWR drinking water exceeds all local, state and federal guidelines.

2. Do not sign any paperwork or documents. These filtration units are very expensive and the contracts are binding, even if you change your mind after you sign it.

3. If you are elderly, please be extra vigilant.


For questions, please contact the Water Treatment Plant at 770-278-7485.