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Rockdale SAT scores - How did you do?
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We asked students from Heritage, Salem and Rockdale County High School if they took AP/honors courses or did test preparation before taking the SAT/ACT and how they did on the test. Here are three responses. - Erika Rodriguez


Leslie Berry, Heritage senior

1) AP Government; AP Psychology; Advanced Economics

2) I took the ZAPS program. It was a two day course at Heritage High School that gave instructions and methods to read and answer each type of SAT question.

3) I was pleased with my score for a first time attempt. However, I will be taking it again.

4) Definitely easier. It helps a lot to attend a program that helps you manage time, attack each question, and come up with the best answer you can


Daniel Adams, Salem senior

1) No advanced classes or AP.

2) Yes, there was a SAT-Prep the week before the test.

3) Not as well as I thought I would. About a 1200, but it was my first time taking it and I plan on trying it one or two more times.

4) It was pretty much what I expected; some parts being harder and some parts being much easier


Daronte Allen, Rockdale County senior

1) AP English language and AP US History.

2) First semester of my Sophomore year I took the PSAT and I received the average score for an average student. I also read countless amounts of books on the SAT, which unveiled the secrets to my success.

3) I did exceptionally well on the SAT.

4) It was actually quite easier than I expected... But it was a challenge to say the least.