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Rock on!
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Ready to get muddy and explore this weekend? If you don’t mind driving a couple of hours for an adventure, then head to Cloudland Canyon State Park for a cave tour! You’ll be able to really get inside and explore the caves, which is awesome. And since you’ll have a guide, there isn’t any reason things have to go all horror movie, because you won’t get lost. And if you don’t get lost the monster/bad guy won’t get you. Those are standard horror movie rules. Seriously though, the caves are lovely, a little cool (which is fantastic this time of year), wet and muddy (no heels, fashionistas!), and you could make a weekend of it and stay in the park’s new yurts) – which I am obsessed with. The park is at the western edge of Lookout Mountain, which is billed as one of the most scenic parks in the state, so take advantage of your drive and do more than the cave tour while you’re there!


Price: $30-$60