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Restaurants score low on health inspection test
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Some of Rockdale County’s restaurants didn't have a good showing when a health inspector came into town two weeks ago.

Over the last month, four restaurants, including Silver Dragon, Cozumel Mexican Restaurant, 425 Sigman Road, Conyers, Blimpie and Tokyo Hibachi Express, 3030 Edwards Drive, Conyers, in Rockdale received an unsatisfactory rating from the Gwinnett Newton Rockdale County Health Departments health inspector.

Silver Dragon, 1889 Georgia Highway received the lowest grade among the restaurants scoring a grade of 47 out of 100 during a Dec. 16 inspection. Itsviolations included employee hands not being cleaned and properly washed, stored food not being properly covered, food and nonfood-contact surfaces not being cleandx and sanitized and insects, rodents, animals being present in the restaurant. 

Exactly one week later, when another inspection was conducted, the establishment received a grade of  C with a score of 74.  The restaurant improved on their score by fixing its hand washing situation, but still the other aforementioned concerns and gained new issues.

A Silver Dragon employee told The News that no comment about the food inspection scores would be made.

Like the Silver Dragon, Blimpie, 875 Flat Shoals Road, Conyers, raised its score of 68 it received on Dec. 15 to an 82 the following week.

According to the inspection performed on Dec. 14, Cozumel, which received a rating of 60, has issues with hand washing facilities, food being in good condition, safe and unadulterated and properly cooling its food.  

Cozumel manager Mario Alvarez says that one of the cooks forgot to label the cheese that morning with usage times and dates and they had to throw it all out as a result.  This caused the restaurant major points because it had been warned previously about its labeling.

Other offenses against the restaurant were correct that same day, says Alvarez, and now he’s just anticipating the return of the food inspector. 

“We’re going for 100,” he said. “Not 90 or 80.” 

The inspection report from Dec. 15 for the Tokyo Hibachi Express claims the restaurant has issues with employee’s hands being properly washed, insects and animals present in the establishment and properly cooling food.  An employee of the establishment states that another inspection will take place prior to the end of the month. 

The GNR County Health Departments website states that one of the best ways to stay healthy is for people to wash their hands because most infections are spread from hands being in constant contact with someone or something.