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RE: The HOPE Program
Letter to the Editor
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Dear Editor: First let us just look at the word and meaning of scholarship and then put it with our state use as in HOPE scholarship.

Then look at the awful track record of the number of new students each year wasting millions of dollars on remedial courses as they start college. This is an absolute indicator of grade inflation by our school systems and they are pushing off their lack of success to the financial back of the HOPE program.

We taxpayers say NO to further aid to those students and parents who abused their time and our tax dollars before they were so called promoted to college.

This incredible GIFT to this group is disgusting when you look back at the tremendous sacrifices made by those before HOPE to get their higher education.

Once again the attitude of "give them what they need" group has corrupted a tradition deep in our nation's history.

The answer simply lies in requiring those who need remedial courses pay for them without any taxpayer or HOPE funds in any manner.

Next put it on billboards all over our state because the ones who need to know do not read papers or watch the news.

Try my idea for just two years and watch the parents begin demanding better results form their local schools systems once they find out they have to actually pay for something and not just take money from others. Maybe we can even track those school systems and individual schools who are the non performers. No, the teacher unions do not want you to have any real information that can put pressure on them. Without hard data which is easy to collect they can keep selling their old lies and new schemes to fool you on and on.

I for one know where the problem resides and will not accept the teachers unions lies any longer.

Don Meyer
Rockdale County