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Re: Much to do
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Dear Editor: Democratic Party Chairman Stan Williams' comments in the October 24 edition ("Special Event Ordinance Changes Revised Again", Oct. 24) were strange and puzzled me greatly.

Did this community leader, who champions individual freedoms, completely miss all the public meetings since February of this year on the changing of the new ordinance on special events. It has taken hours of work on our part by many citizens to bring about this version and Mr. Williams has the poor taste, to put it mildly, to say "it was much to do about nothing." The right to peaceful assembly is at the very core of our nation's freedoms and Mr. Williams missed this also?

I do hope that members of the entire Democratic party in Rockdale county have a clearer and correct understanding of their nations unique and special freedoms and how easily those freedoms can disappear. History is full examples were complacency was all that was necessary to topple great civilizations.
Again did he not know how restrictive the new regulations were going to be on every citizen? Did he also miss entirely that even the entire Planning Board rejected the ordinance once Home Owners For Better Government and many other citizens and groups protested against it.

Did he also just overlook that among the protesters was a true and fair minded American who was a black Democrat. Yes there are freedom-loving Americans coming together under no special banner only seeking what our founding fathers set in place for all of us, the right to peaceful assembly.

Hopefully in the future Mr. Williams can learn more on local topics and subscribe to Homeowners For Better Government at and to learn the real facts before publicly letting everyone know he was asleep while the rest of us were doing the heavy lifting for him.

I wish to thank our local officials for working with us on this issue. As a result of this topic we have forged a stronger bond with our local government. We look forward to a better working relationship where common goals are center stage and egos are left at the door while the important topics of the day require our utmost attention.

Don Meyer
Home Owners for Better Government