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RE: June 30 Letter "Speaking up for neglected dogs."
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Dear Editor: I am writing in response to the letter dated June 30, "Speaking up for neglected dogs." My mother and I have also had a bad experience with Mr. Baker. In late April, our Maltese dog was attacked by a raccoon. He was bitten in three areas on his body. The attack took place late on a Sunday afternoon, so we took him to our vet (Honey Creek Vet), as soon as they opened on Monday morning. They cleaned the wounds and gave him a booster rabies shot.

Our vet told us it was highly unlikely he would contract rabies since he was just vaccinated in October of 2011, but he urged us to contact animal control and make them aware of the attack.

We contacted animal control and spoke with Mr. Baker. They caught the raccoon and he tested positive for rabies, so Mr. Baker informed us that our dog had to be quarantined for 45 days. We wanted to keep him home with us, but we did not have the "proper accommodations" to do so, so we had to board him at Rockdale Kennel for 45 days. The only thing Mr. Baker could say to us is the only thing he could do for us is put our dog to sleep.

The 45 days was not only very costly, but it was very stressful on my 85-year-old mother, as she is very attached to our dog. I have heard nothing but bad things about Mr. Baker, and I personally experienced this person's inconsiderate attitude first hand, so it does not surprise me reading the letter written by another animal lover. Our dog is back home with us and no he did not have rabies.

Thank you for bringing this to everyone's attention. Mr. Baker has no business holding the position he holds now.

Pamela Boundy
Rockdale County

Editor's Note: State guidelines for animal control agencies on handling an animal that comes into contact with an animal that has tested positive for rabies is outlined at