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Questions remain following MLK celebration
Letter to the Editor
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Dear Editor: The annual celebration of MLK Day in Rockdale County was another success. The joint effort, sponsored by the NAACP Rockdale Branch and supported by the Conyers Long Horn Steak House is applauded.

The occasion was uniquely presented and speakers dramatically introduced the NAACP as newly appointed religious pastors of black churches in and around Rockdale County. Remaining are questions of relevance and community impact. 

 Do the introductions represent self-appointed community negotiators or advocates in pursuing equity in laws introduced by elected officials?  Will emphases be limited to “saving souls” as in the past?  Is this a subtle declaration to reinforce a concept that confirms that the vote of the independent mind trumps the “no vote,” a vote predicated upon what was heard, and/or a signal to wait for the “bye and bye”?  Is having the picture, name and vote of an elected official and/or organization sufficient to confirm the source of trust in advocacy?


 Lewis Belcher

Rockdale County