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Portapotty contract reviewed
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The Conyers Downtown Development Authority reviewed the city's role in helping to provide a popular portable toilet along the Steeplechase trail in the Georgia International Horse Park.

Two years ago, the Conyers Rockdale Bike & Trail Coalition arranged for a vendor to provide the toilet, and the city agreed to pay half the bill. The vendor, whose name was not immediately known, has only now sent a bill for more than $800.

DDA Vice Chairman Daniel Digby, who is also a member of the coalition, said the toilet has been an asset in an area heavily used by mountain bicyclists and others.
"There are no (other) facilities out there. People are going in the bushes" or to a nearby motel for restrooms, he said.

But, before paying its half of the bill, the DDA wants to review the toilet's condition and other options.
DDA member Keish Momin asked about the city possibly building a basic permanent bathroom structure. Digby said that idea had been considered before, but the city was not flush with enough cash.

"It would be nice if we could put a national park-type restroom there," he said, adding that such a facility would likely be too expensive.

Digby said the city is also in early discussion with the coalition about possibly creating and installing signs displaying the entire bike and walking trail systems in the area to show visitors the interconnections.