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Political grease
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As I advised the county commissioners, I formally requested that as of Jan. 1, 2010, a complete list of all categories of income of any nature regardless if county, state, Federal or private be listed so that every citizen in our county can track our income on a monthly basis.

The commissioners must demand that this be accomplished if they intend to manage the county or be just clean up artists once we hit another financial wall as we seem to do on a regular basis.

Secondly, I formally requested that people who are potential new hires in all positions being created and filled with present and future grant money regardless of its source be advised that their jobs are terminated at the moment the funding runs out. There is to be placed in this employee's personnel file a signed copy, by both parties, of this understanding that the county and its tax payers will no longer have a position for them.

And finally since the commissioners will be voting on the 2010 budget and Commissioner Van Ness has previously voted against this same proposed budget, then I have a gift for our two newer commissioners:

Please find your gift a jar of Political Grease that you will surely need when you are up for re election in 2012.

I understand this political grease does not come with a warranty so proceed with your new political career with caution. You may get stuck with your voting record and this grease just may not be strong enough to save you in 2012.

Don Meyer
Home Owners for Better
Rockdale County