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Police search for home invasion suspects
Occupants arrested for false statements
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Conyers police are on the lookout for suspects that came into a home at gunpoint Tuesday morning in an attempted burglary. In a twist, the two home occupants were also arrested and charged with false statements for giving a false name and not telling police one of the occupants had a warrant for probation violation and had previously faced drug-related charges.

Tedric Shepherd, 30, and his girlfriend Felicia Baisden, 23, were charged with false statements.

According to Conyers Police Department Lt. Jack Dunn, shortly after 8 a.m., two or four young black males - accounts varied -  knocked on the back door of the Wingate Circle home. When the residents opened the door, the perpetrators forced their way in.

The perpetrators held the male occupant at gunpoint demanding "'Where’s the money? You know what we’re talking about,'" said Dunn.

The armed robbers began searching the kitchen when a knock came at the front door from an unrelated visitor. The robbers fled out the back door.

According to Dunn, other witnesses spotted the suspects getting into a silver SUV vehicle parked about a block away.

When police arrived, the male occupant had left the house but another oficer made contact with him while canvassing the neighborhood. The occupant gave a false name at first before police found out he lived at the house that had been struck.

"He said he left because he had warrants on him out of DeKalb," said Dunn.

No one was reportedly hurt in the home invasion. There were six children reportedly in the house at the time. No drugs were found in the home at the time, said Dunn.