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Pastor to face incumbent Congressman
Incumbent Congressman and Democratic nominee Hank Johnson, left, and Republican candidate Chris Vaughn, right (no relation to Judge Clarence Vaughn or Roland Vaughn)

Three-term District Four Congressman Hank Johnson will face Republican Chris Vaughn in November after defeating two local candidates in the Democratic Primary. Johnson earned nearly 77% of the votes with 52,903 votes versus Courtney Dillard's 13,118 votes and 2,724 for Lincoln Nunnally.

After winning Tuesday, Johnson released the following statement - "I’m going to keep working with our great President as we renew this economy and move America forward. My record is clear and it’s strong. I’m going to continue to run proudly on my record."

Dillard's statment released Wednesday congratulated Johnson and hinted that his political aspirations have not ended with the primary.

"I tip my hat to Congressman Hank Johnson for running a fair and honorable race, and applaud him on his victory," Dillard wrote. "While we have our differences,  I really believe our district requires a type of leadership that is understanding, active and engaged in our community."

Dillard continued by stating, "While unsuccessful yesterday, the people can have confidence that we will be back --stronger and better prepared."

Republican challenger Chris Vaughn defeated Oxford resident Greg Pallen on the Republican ballot by earning 17,252 votes to Pallen's 14,413 votes.

“This has been a hard fought race," Vaughn said in a statement posted on his website after Tuesday's primary. “Greg Pallen was a very formidable candidate. I am looking forward to uniting Republicans in the Fourth Congressional District to defeat Hank Johnson in November.  Voters in the Fourth Congressional District deserve more effective representation and I look forward to the next 98 days."