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Party like a hipster
food truck

Want to eat some tasty food (hipster-style), listen to music, enjoy the weather outside and help out your fellow man in the process? Of course you do, because what else do you have to do this weekend? Celebrate the official start of summer with some live music and delicious food at Atlantic Station, and help celebrate the launch of People's Food Truck. Food trucks are all the rage these days, but this one might be sought after for a reason other than hipsters love food truck eatin' - they serve super yummy Delta-inspired nosh, prepared by an actual chef, not just random high school dropout. But here's the coolest part. It's a non-profit truck, so every meal you buy will, in turn, feed others in need. Not only will you be able to eat from the People's food truck, but there will be other food trucks there as well, and of course, some tasty beverages. Check it out, people!

Price: $25-$125 (for VIP access)

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