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Pandas & pints
Chameleonred Photography Jazzoo-42

I never need an excuse to dress fancy or go to the zoo (typically not at the same time), but some people aren’t as much fun as me. I’m always up for meeting new friends, so if you want a lesson, let’s hang out. Then we can plan to go to the annual Jazzoo next year and be fabulous together. I’m all about having fun for a good cause, and Jazzoo tickets might be a little pricy, but you get a ton for it and the money goes to help the animals, like those adorable little pandas that were just born. They’ll be serving up tasty food from 30 different Atlanta restaurants, you’ve got a full bar to choose from, and you can eat drink and be merry (because of the live music provided) while checking out some amazing animals. This is a grown-up’s only extravaganza, so get a babysitter and get yourself fabulous. It’s a known fact that animals prefer lipstick and little black dresses.

Price: $80-$175