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Our Thoughts: Vote Now
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During presidential election years, lines wrap around the building, newly registered voters are brought to polling places and "I voted" stickers become the biggest fashion statement of the season.

However, the three other years of a voting cycle find no lines, empty voting booths and the only reminder of elections coming from the signs of people you don't want to bother to remember.

As of Wednesday, only 2,541 Rockdale County citizens have cast their votes, with an additional 209 coming in from absentee ballots. That adds up to 2,750 ballots cast for the 2014 primary elections. That adds up to about 5.76 percent of the roughly 45,000 registered active voters in Rockdale County.

Not only is this sad, but this makes no sense to us.
These local elections are more significant than the presidential election as these are the people who represent you in the county, city, state and nation.

It's easier than ever to vote. You can find information about candidates and the needs of your area anywhere you want it - newspaper, computer, phones, tablets.

Fantasy football drafts are at an all-time high, and that takes hours of preparation for a fictional reality. So why can't a few minutes be given to pick people who will actually have an effect on your life?

On Tuesday you can help determine who will represent key parties and who will be your voice. Vote local and vote now.