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Our thoughts: Time to step up by stepping down
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It's been three weeks and the Republican member of the Board of Elections Jonny Brown still has not done the right thing in our opinion by stepping down from his public, appointed position.

Nor has Mr. Brown made any public statement of remorse or offer an explanation for his racially motivated column in a local website.

Obviously we are more than disappointed by Brown's actions, but what troubles us the most has been the public non-action by many community leaders and the leadership of the Rockdale GOP which appointed Brown to his public position.

We still believe that a great majority of Rockdale residents disagree with Brown's statements.

We believe it is time that the elected and private leadership of the county to step up and through their actions see that people like Jonny Brown do not hold positions of public trust in our county.

The next Board of Elections meeting is Thursday, Feb. 14, 4 p.m., at 1400 Parker Road.