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Our thoughts... Taken for Granted
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We have a great community with people who take pride in where they live. That is why it is a shame that we are on the short end of the representation stick by our elected officials.

Our county has been gerrymandered into slivers of voting strength. As a result we have a Congressman, a state senator, and state representatives who cater to DeKalb County and are out of touch with the majority of the true feelings of the voters of this county.

Hank Johnson, who seems to be a nice guy, has shown little inclination to connect with the people of Rockdale County. He has voted yes on every program that has kept us deep in the throes of economic recession and he has not shown up at recent gatherings and forums that would allow him to explain his actions to the voters of Rockdale County.

He obviously could care less to what we think because he feels he has solid block of DeKalb voters who will reelect him because he has a D behind his name on the ticket. This attitude shows nothing but contempt and arrogance to our community.

Ronald Ramsey, our District 43 State Senator, hasn’t been seen around these parts for so long we forget what he looks like. Out of all of our state elected officials, he has the most stake in representing Rockdale well since his responsibility is to a large part of Rockdale County.

We used to call our state house member Toney Collins "No Show." Ramsey is becoming the Daddy of No Shows.

Like his partner in arrogance Hank Johnson, he seems to assume he will win the majority of votes from DeKalb County because he has a D behind his name and can ignore Rockdale.

Even on the local front we have a candidate for County Commissioner, Courtney Dillard, who has a storied past and has just released a statement that even out-does Richard Nixon’s "I am not a crook" speech.

All politicians are opportunists, but the practice has been perfected to a fine art in this election cycle.

The arrogance shown by all three is unacceptable. This community deserves better.