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Our Thoughts: Stakeholders
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Recently we have heard that some members of some public agencies have talked about only having folks who live in the county serve on their boards.

The very thought of such a move would be a detriment to the future growth and development of Rockdale County.

As a county we have much progress in establishing the fact the county is a great place to work and do business in and an education mecca for our children.

The reputation of Rockdale County has been built on the good will, determination, and work of men and women who have owned business here but lived in surrounding counties.

Some of these men and women have worked for generous businesses that do not have a physical location in the country but do business here and contribute to the health of the local economy. This contributes to everyone in Rockdale, whether they live, work or shop here.

Stakeholders come in many forms, not just those who have a physical address in the county borders.  

Those that have ideas that we have mentioned need to understand that this type of homerism can be counterproductive to our continued development here in Rockdale County. It can shut out good resources and people who have a heart for the community.