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Our thoughts: Signage
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We fully understand how important it is to project an image and so do the hundreds businesses that call Rockdale home.

In promoting that image, sometimes business owners go too far.

That is when you see government step in and try to set a standard that reflects the image that their community should reflect.

In Rockdale County, some businesses and private citizens have overstepped their rights to promote their business by erecting signage that is not only obtrusive but in many cases, unsightly and they have done this with no concern for their neighbors or community.

Because of this, we fully understand when elected officials wish to pass sign ordinance regulations that curtail these eyesores.

Sometimes in their zeal to protect a communities image and to serve the needs of their constituents, they go too far.

That is the case here in Rockdale County. The ordinance being proposed right now is a mish mash of pieces of ordinances gathered from other communities.

The requirements in this proposal, which is currently being reviewed by a committee of the Conyers-Rockdale Chamber of Commerce, are too restrictive and punish and hurt many more businesses than they are proposed to help.

In addition, this proposal contains some language and restrictions that might possibly be unconstitutional.

We find no fault with the county commissioners in their quest to make Rockdale more welcoming to not only our citizens but to our many visitors as well.

In doing so, the ordinance needs to be fair and simple and, most of all, enforceable.

We suggest that the commissioners accept the recommendations of the Chamber; we feel that ordinances are best done when they reflect the views of those they affect.