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Our Thoughts: Protection
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“As adults we play a role in abuse... and if you are not protecting children, you are neglecting them and that is abuse.” – Author unknown  


Many of us can remember our grandparents telling us how they used to walk 15 miles or more to school through inclement weather when we complained of walking a few blocks to school.

If you are a grandparent today we are sure you have reminded your grandchildren of how it was in the good old days when your parents would send you out into the world early in the morning with no expectations of seeing you until dinner time when your father returned home from work.

We are sure your grandchildren have rolled their eyes and shrugged their shoulders in disbelief just like you did with your grandparents.

We don’t know what kind of stories today’s children are going to be able to share with their grandchildren, because in today’s world no one with good common sense lets their children out of their eyesight at any time.

Unfortunately, we should now exercise the same watchful control over our children’s phones and their choices of which websites to visit. There are, every day, children making contact with predators.

We don’t know if we  as a society will ever  return to the moral compass that  guided our grandparents. But, until and if that time comes, you, as a parent or grandparent, have an obligation to protect your children from  the many evil people who lurk on the Internet or who have access to your children’s  phones.

Now that school has started you should be even more vigilant.

If your child’s personality changes unexpectedly, there may be a problem. Be alert. Protect your children. They may not like your protection, but when they grow older and have children they will thank you.