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Our thoughts; Pranks
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The tradition of senior pranks has been around for a long time. In the good old days, our elders were mortified that we toilet papered the school or had school food fights or played hooky for a day. Our mischief didn't last long, and we were always caught and duly punished.

That was then. Now the pure meanness and mindless destruction shown by the Salem High school seniors went far beyond simple pranks.

The cost of their destruction on a school system that is already struggling to meets its education needs is almost unforgivable.

We praise the quick action of local authorities on catching these delinquents and whatever punishment that is meted out by the court system should be strong enough that they never forget what they did.

Parents need to step up to the plate and be parents.
Our suggestion is that whatever punishment is given to the Salem Nine, the same is given to their parents.

We need to worry about our children and we need to protect them not from just things such as video games that depict Columbine-style shootings at schools, but also from the influences of a pop-culture that glorifies gang culture. Even more than that, we need to watch the friends and people who are in our children's lives. Lie down with dogs long enough and you'll get up with fleas.