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Our Thoughts: Hurricane Sandy
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In the midst of everything else that Congress had to worry about this week, the Senate tried its best to jam a $60.4 million relief package down the throats of the American tax payer for the victims of the fall hurricane called Sandy that devastated the Northeast. 

This bill was laden with pork that included among other projects putting a new roof on the Smithsonian, providing more funds for the Head Start program, building new rail lines for Amtrak and providing funds for fisheries in Alaska.

There is not a person in this country with just a little bit of decency in their soul that is not concerned about the victims of Sandy, and who would not like to help in some way or another including having some of their tax dollars helping with basic needs.

It is not fair that some greedy senators, who had no concern whatsoever about the needs of the storm victims, tacked on projects that had nothing to do with the effects of this storm. It was right not to let this bill go through in its present state.

The indignation shown by the elected officials from the areas affected was for show, not because they really cared. If they did, a bill would have passed long before now. Their indignation is because they are afraid of being voted out of office because of their inaction.

The lessons of rebuilding New Orleans should have taught us that throwing money after a tragedy does not ensure that all will return to the former normalcy.

We want the Sandy victims to receive help, including using our tax money, but nowhere is it written at any cost.