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Our Thoughts: Gun Control
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Debates over gun control never cease to stir up emotions on both sides of the issue, but the talk in 2013 seems to be among the most vehement in recent memory.

Sadly, both sides in the debate sunk to a new low recently, a low that made honest people cringe and lose respect for all the leaders involved.

The president of the United States used innocent, unknowing children as a backdrop to deliver his 23 executive orders for gun control and then proceeded to bait and ridicule the opposition, the National Rifle Association. It was an action unbecoming of our president. However, the same day, the NRA put out a repugnant ad involving the president's children, questioning why they should be protected by guns while others’ children aren’t. The ad crossed the line in our opinion, and we clearly don't treat the president, nor his family by extension, the same way we treat everyone else.

Altering the Second Amendment in any way is unacceptable, but we're sure that our rights can be protected while tightening the gun permitting process in a compromise that will be beneficial to us all.

The president and the NRA, as a representative of gun owners in this country, should be working hand in hand to see if anything can be done to make it harder for the truly mentally ill individuals in this country to have a more difficult time acquiring guns.

Lawmakers shouldn’t consider bills that would infringe upon the rights of the majority of gun owners in this country, who are properly trained and use their guns with care.

Continuing this openly nasty battle does nothing but inflame many citizens rather than help the nation reach a cohesive compromise.