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Our Thoughts: Good Decision
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Whenever there is a decision to be made by any government authority that is perceived to affect a business’s pocketbook, there is going to be an outcry of concern.

Conyers is a little city that prides itself on being well-kept and orderly.

To that end, because of citizen complaints and general concern over claims that the city has a trashy look, Conyers City Council has asked its staff to create a sign ordinance. The proposed signage ordinance offered by staff to council has been met with opposition by many community businesses.

Accordingly, the Chamber of Commerce asked the council last Wednesday if it would consider tabling the vote so the chamber could form a taskforce to suggest improvements to city staff recommendations. The chamber believes that working hand in hand with city staff may provide an ordinance that is agreeable to the majority of those concerned.

Conyers City Council accepted the chamber’s proposal and postponed its vote on the ordinance until the its September 18 meeting.

Council members did the right thing by showing that they are willing to work with our local businesses.