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Our Thoughts: Elections
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You know it's the unofficial start of this year's election season when people left and right start announcing their intention to run for local office.

Every election year becomes a crucial one as we have a need for good quality people who have the time, energy and integrity to represent us.

As we go along heading into the spring primary and non-partisan election in May, we ask you to please try not to pick people to represent our interests based on party or race. Choose people who will represent fully your viewpoints but who will also work for the best interests of the community overall and be able to put aside individual disagreements. You don't need labels to do that.

We encourage you to take the time to vet each of the candidates; we will do our best to present their viewpoints so that you can make an informed decision on which you want to place in office.
The elections this year are important and who we put in place to represent us will be making decisions that will affect our lives for generations to come.

Remember to vote smart. You have the responsibility to be informed. All of us depend on your decisions at the ballot box.