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Our thoughts... Charter Schools
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We believe in the concept of charter schools. We feel that a charter school, if run right, allows parents and the children who attend the school to control their own education.

We are excited by the prospect of an IB charter school at CJ Hicks. This is a grand goal that will raise the bar for academic excellence.

Of course charter schools in general may not work for all students or parents; the key is complete involvement by both to make this work.

We also think that charter schools still need to be under the umbrella of elected school boards and school administrators.

That is why we disagree with the Georgia Charter School Commission decision to create state charter schools that do not have to answer to a local authority. We don’t want the state or any other appointed authority being able to circumvent the wishes of our local community while at the same time giving local tax dollars to another district or entity.

We support the Rockdale County Board of Education’s support of the challenge to this decision

The Charter Commission has overstepped its mandate in coming up with this decision.