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November's Pick of the Pride

Lorraine Elementary School's students of the month are:

Kindergarten: Reed Lawrence, Demitri Lewis, Maxwell Zhang, Lauren McWilliams, Jared Ford, Ashlyn Wilder.

First grade: John Davis, Gavin Garner, Madison Jenkins, Noah Keffer, Jordyn Hope, Zoe Carney.

Second grade: Justin Carter, Daniel Grant, Harley Henson, Reese Miller, Isabelle Sanderson, Reanna Cassidy.

Third grade: Amaya Roberson, Ian Westcott, Brianna McCray, Makali Church, Caleb Kelly, Antoinette Neil.

Fourth grade: Jenna Belanger, Emily Bradley, Jada Rose, Ashley McGuire, Johnny virdell, Ashley Farmer.

Fifth grade: Murphy McElligott, Patrick Moss, Paul Le, Sarah Smith, Jahara Buggs, Daisha Singletary.