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New Sights
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My whole life I have had wanderlust. I want to visit everywhere in the world I have never been, and I want to visit some places I have been again. So I’m getting a passport, because that’s the first step to getting my international travel on. Now, I don’t mean that I HAVE to travel internationally this year, but I am certainly going to attempt a trip out of the country, and a trip somewhere in the U.S. that I have never been as well. I’m a single girl, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go somewhere alone. Sure, traveling is always more fun with a partner in crime. But if I don’t have anyone to travel with, it’s not stopping me from getting in my car or getting on a place and experiencing something amazing in this great big world I live in. I want my son to be fiercely independent, and to do that, he needs to see his mom be that person as well. And I’m down for the challenge. Let’s grab a globe and spin that sucker – see where I’ll be spending some of that vacation time I’ve got.