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New finance director
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The Rockdale Board of Commissioners recently appointed acting Finance Director Roselyn Miller to the position on a full-time basis.

Miller has worked in the finance department for the past 10 years. She served as deputy director for the past five years and stepped up to the plate as the interim director since December.

We feel that Miller has earned the right to prove herself in this position as well.

The strongest private companies usually stay that way be promoting within. By making this move the commissioners have given a clear signal to other county employees that if you work hard and are willing learn, you have a bright future with Rockdale County.

There has been some criticism that Ms. Miller does not have a degree. But a degree does not in itself make you qualified for a job. Often, on-the-job training can be more valuable than book education. Miller has indicated she is working on getting that degree.

But the method by which Miller was selected already tarnished her hiring. The chairman has repeatedly stated his administration's dedication to transparency. The last-minute executive session that came before a vote to approve a tweaked job description recalled older days of deals made in smoke-filled rooms. If the chairman is serious about moving away from that type of machine of politics, he should show it in his administration's actions as well as his words.

As for Ms. Miller, we welcome her as the new Finance Director of Rockdale County and wish her much success.