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Mothers are the real No. 1 draft picks, MVPs
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To all the wonderful women of the world, who work tirelessly to provide a safe haven for their family, perform their regular paying job duties and still manage to keep a smile on their face - rain, shine, sleet or snow - let me be one of the first to wish you a very happy Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is every day of the year, but this weekend, we take time out to celebrate you for all the many blessings and unconditional love you've bestowed upon our lives from the womb through adulthood.

All mothers hold a special place in my heart - especially sports moms - for they deal with the highs and lows of athletics, wearing the many hats of being a coach, teammate, referee, cheerleader, cook, fund raiser and counselor.

Sports moms are often the loudest fans at the game, screaming at the top of her lungs in full support of her son or daughter's athletic endeavors. She knows the rules of the game like her child's allergies and won't hesitate to challenge an official when it comes to a call against the team. In her loving eyes, on every play there was ball, strike, traveling, pass interference or infraction worthy of a yellow card and she's quick to point it out at a moment's notice.

While this passion sometimes goes overboard, at the end of the day, she's always there with a congratulatory hug following a victory or an open ear for one to vent after a defeat.

Along with cheering for her children's games, sports moms are also rabid fans of their favorite college and pro sports teams. They've found a way to transform team paraphernalia into fashionable accessories that are stylish enough to rule the runway and turn heads at every corner.

Without compromising her elegant femininity, some sports moms would rather attend a baseball game with a beer and a hot dog over a baby shower with wine, cheese and crackers. She's at peace at the ballpark, finding satisfaction in seeing her squad deliver a game-winning RBI in the same boat as an outing at the mall.

All mothers are like utility players in that they can be placed at any position and excel. Even those moms who know nothing about sports will still support their loved ones who crave athletics like one of their well-cooked meals.
Despite her lack of interest, she'll still listen to you talk about the game or sit and watch the action, even if it's for a brief moment, all in the name of quality time with the most important person in her life - you.

Motherhood is the closest thing we have to seeing God's face on Earth. So with that, I say thank you mom and to all the mothers for everything you've done and continue to do. You are a walk-off home run, Hail Mary touchdown pass, buzzer-beater basket, No. 1 draft pick and MVP all rolled into one phenomenal woman.
Happy Mother's Day! Carolyn, I love you and miss you dearly.

Rory Sharrock is sports editor for The Rockdale News. He can be reached at